green dumplings for professional racing cyclists

three recipes for a head in the clouds

a glimpse on the recipe lets you know what youre going to cook. you dont even need to know how to read.

nora describes it this way: "the raw ingredients rest in weightlessnes. they are properly proportioned falling into the vessel where they are further processed. the image serves a foretaste not only of the dish but also of its preparation. the look of the ready cooked dish is left to your own imagination."


idea & concept: nora luther

photographs: pavel v. becker


this recipe doublepage was created for a selfinitated magazine which referes to Giro d'Italia 2013


idea & concept: nora luther, pavel v. becker

layout: nora luther

photographs: pavel v. becker

assistent: nora luther


special thanks to the guys from humus-bistro where we shot that recipe